Dances, Company Parties, Concerts, Wineries and Night Club Shows

Count on RIFFLE to make your event a success! The band has been providing excellent musical entertainment more than 30 years, and they know how to get people out on the dance floor!   Their fun, high-energy shows feature a wide variety of musical styles from different eras, audience interaction, stage antics and dynamic lighting.   When you book RIFFLE, the band meets your needs by providing the following services, and more:

  • Select the music for your show from their extensive song list
  • The players dress appropriately for the occasion
  • All sound and lighting equipment provided
  • Equipment set up before your guests arrive
  • Recorded bacground music played during breaks
  • Musical requests accepted from your guests
  • You have control of the overall band volume
  • Use RIFFLE’s public address system for speeches and presentations

RIFFLE features popular dance rock & roll, pop, country, blues, rhythm & blues, and jazz standards.  RIFFLE  has a vast repertoire, and TIMOTHY PATRICK, the band leader, has an excellent ability to read the audience and provide the right music for your show.  In addition, you can select songs prior to your event to better serve your guests.  

All the members sing, and the group includes TIMOTHY PATRICK on guitar, PETER GIRI on lead guitar ANTHONY PROVEAUX on bass guitar and JIM REINKING on drums.  For special shows, they add extra players to create a bigger sound!  

Over the past 32 years RIFFLE has served hundreds of businesses, organizations, bridal couples, festivals, wineries and night clubs.  Also, the band has performed for many clients repeatedly--a great indicator of their quality of service.

Choose RIFFLE--the professionals--and enjoy a great party!


Timothy Patrick, phone: 541-344-6393    email link:

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